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Welcome to the NASP 'Success in School/Skills for Life' Online Resource Kit

updated 10/18/2005

The National Association of School Psychologists (NASP) has created this electronic 'Success In School/Skills for Life' Online Resource Kit to help schools provide parents easy access to basic information about their children's academic, emotional, and social development. School psychologists are trained to identify and help address a wide range of issues that can impact a child's school experience.  They are an important resource for parents, teachers, and students.

Handouts are free and can be downloaded to your school website. Many are available in Spanish and English.  NASP will rotate and add to the topics available throughout the school year.  Current handouts include:

Handouts provide background information, suggested strategies, recommended next steps, and additional resources.  The information is not intended as a comprehensive prescription and parents should be advised to seek additional help if a problem persists.  The handouts include links to additional resources on the NASP and NASP Center websites, but we also encourage you to provide contact information for your school psychologist. 

Schools can access the Kit free of charge at, register for the program, and download the fact sheets to your site. You may also include a direct link on your website so that that parents can download handouts from NASP themselves.

School professionals and organizations (e.g., the PTA) may print the fact sheets individually for hard copy distribution.  However, all fact sheets must be disseminated in the original form and the information credited to NASP, whether in print or online format.  Parents may download handouts for their personal use from either their school website or the NASP Center website. Other uses or mass dissemination require specific permission from NASP.